Monday, January 5, 2009


I'll be on a little bit of a hiatus over the next few weeks as I pack up our house due to our impending move! We're staying in the same city, but moving about five miles from our current home, so it's all the work without all of the sense of dislocation.

Rest assured that once we get settled we'll be doing more on-location visits, and I'll be hitting up the Pleasant Hill library for some digging into Rose Hill and other cemeteries!


Apollo Idol Prudence said...

love this site. Just found it this morning. Am very interested in local cemetaries and the history they produce. Thank you for the goldmine of information and pictures. Sure does beat me risking arrest for trespassing.

Hope you continue after the hiatus.

I have some pictures of Live Oak (there's that nasty old trespass thing again) that you might be interested in.

shasta daisy said...

Apollo...trespass??? Never.